Frequently Asked Questions

Server Knight provides a wide range of functionality designed to keep your server safe.

From reports to utilities like Ban Manager, it's all in one bot!

Server Knight is the companion bot for Discord Server Owners Forum.

With Server Knight, it's easy for you to submit, view, and take action on reports, all from the comfort of your server! Reports submitted thru the bot are automatically sent to DSOF staff. They will review all reports according to carefully crafted report guidelines, then submit or deny the report accordingly.

Do take note that your server should have at least 100 members, else the bot will automatically leave upon joining the server.

Once you've invited the bot, drag its role above your highest member role. This is to ensure that global bans work as intended.

If you wish, you can change the bot prefix using sk prefix add/remove <prefix>.

Then, you can set your mod and admin roles so your staff are able to use the bot to its full potential! Use sk set addmodrole <role> and sk set addadminrole <role> to set these roles. (Note: You need to hold ownership in your server to set these roles.)

Last but not least, do join DSOF and follow the #confirmed-reports, #rescinded-reports and #dsof-global-bans channels to get updated on the latest reports and global bans!

Server Knight has a ban management system to preemptively ban users without reaching the server ban limit.

When using Server Knight's ban manager feature to ban, it'll ban the user normally if they're currently in the server. If the user isn't in the server, it will add the user to a ban list.

When a user joins the server, Server Knight will check if they are on the ban list. If they are, it will ban them automatically.

Most of our users simply use the 🔨 reaction on sk view <report> to use this feature.

You can also manually ban or unban users using the sk ban and sk unban commands, which updates the Ban Manager list accordingly.

You can make reports either through Server Knight or by opening a ticket (#make-a-report) in DSOF.

If you choose to make a report through the bot, you can use sk report to do so.

Syntax: sk report <report_type> [users]... [links]... <reason>

To view valid report types, run sk reporttypes. Do note that links must be of the format png, jpg, jpeg, gif, webp, or @Ticket Tool transcript links.

If you ever need help when using our report feature or need a staff to edit your report, our support staff will always be happy to help you in DSOF! Just open a ticket in #make-a-report and we will assist you to the best of our ability.

Use sk view <report> to view a report.

Here is a brief explanation of what the reactions below the message do.

🔨 Bans the user if they are in the server, else add the user to the ban list.
🆔 Get the ID of the users in the report, meant for mobile users.
📂 Sends the image links in the channel if there are 4 or less links, else DMs the image links to you.
❌ Closes the report and deletes the embed.

Check your DMs with Server Knight for the deny reason. If needed, you can resubmit the report with the requested missing proofs.

If the report had been denied twice, we recommended joining DSOF and opening a ticket through #make-a-report for staff to assist you in the reporting process.

If you were wrongly reported or otherwise want to appeal your report, you can use the report form on this website. Do provide as much context as possible, and explain why you feel you should be unbanned.

Thank you for your generous offer! We're always on the lookout for passionate Python bot developers.

Take note that this position is unpaid, and simply an opportunity to help the community. Do fill in the developer application form and we will be in touch with you in a few days.